Leverage the investment that you have made in your commissioned photography and stock images by eliminating fragmented storage - Use CPM to provide one central point to store, search, collaborate and retrieve your images. The CPM solution is easy and intuitive to use to allow fast deployment with limited training.

1. Centralise Storage – Replace fragmented storage on CDs, DVDs external drives and server shares

Avoid searching bookcases of CDs by storing your images in one central location allowing them to be found quickly when it counts. Use the Media Manager to efficiently upload, import, keyword and caption new images and organize them into relevant categories:
  • Eliminate CDs, USB sticks and over-sized email attachments completely
  • Bulk upload images via the web-based FTP interface
  • Batch Import
  • Auto generate thumbnails and downloadable versions - i.e. small sample positional sized images as well as web and print quality files
    NOTE: If the uploaded file does not meet the specifications of the web and print sized download, then only the sample and original file will be available
  • Import IPTC data into the image gallery so it can be searched
  • Confirm the release status of images - i.e. model and property
  • Add a range of attributes to your images - i.e. orientation, black & white, etc
  • Create categories
  • Create one-off event galleries
  • Allow your graphics team to focus on developing material rather than resize, re-formating and distributing images

2. Smart Searches - Stop browsing endless CDs, DVDs or server share folders. Locate the right image, fast.

Search and find the images you need with fast, intelligent and accurate results.
  • Search your gallery with fast and intelligent searches that enables you to shortlist the images relevant to your needs
  • Partial keyword searches
  • Advanced criteria allowing you to deep-search your gallery
  • Browse images by categories
  • Isolate particular images across multiple shoots
  • Provide fast access to departments within your organisation – i.e. for presentations, proposals and other promotional material
  • Refine searches using the ‘search within search’ feature
  • Advanced search with the 'boolean logic' and eliminating keyworks (i.e. '-tree' for not results with tree
  • Search IPTC data imported attached to individual images
  • Hyperlinked keywords on the image details pages allows instant associated searches
  • Limit searches to specific categories using the quick search form or advanced search

3. Collaborate – Provide access to your library with convenient, secure permissions

Share, shortlist and review images internally and externally without sending multiple emails, burning CDs or using large file transfer systems.
  • Use the Lightbox feature to email shortlist image collections
  • Email one-off images to your colleagues directly from the gallery
  • Provide access to external marketing agencies, media, printers and other partners
  • Staff can share lightboxes with creative departments as part of their briefs for new marketing collateral
  • Send brand materials to staff, suppliers or clients with total confidence
  • Avoid large email attachment and file transfer services - Send any number of files to any number of people in the single process
  • Create users
  • Provide users with access to all or specific categories
  • Provide non-creatives with 'view-only' access to view the library while preventing access to high resolution files
  • Distribute images to media outlets quickly and efficiency
  • Provide special event access to images - i.e. product launches, community consultation, graduations, balls, etc

4. Retrieve Images – Download, manage access and track usage

Manage who can access your images with download and view-only users. Limit access to all or part of your gallery. Track all image downloads.
  • Track, audit, log and monitor everything in one place
  • Provide view only, download or special event access to your gallery
  • Limit access to specific categories or allow open access
  • Fast download from our WA-based data centre
  • One-click download of web, print and original sized images plus sample sized files for positional and fast layout purposes
    NOTE: If the uploaded file does not meet the specifications of the web and print sized download, then only the sample and original file will be availabl
  • View all information relating to the image on a convenient details page

Casestudy: Health

Joondalup Health Campus required a centralised repository for all their corporate images. CPM was quickly deployed and over 2,500 image imported into the system. The special event gallery provided a useful tool for their staff graduations.

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Casestudy: Government

Metropolitan Cemetaries Board required a system migrate image storage from CDs and external hard drives. Uploading over 3,000 images MCB has deployed the system to all all key marketing staff, managers and executives.

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Casestudy: Elected Members of Parliment

Effectively communicating with constituents relies on the timely distribution of information regarding new policies, initiatives and achievements. As the newly elected Federal Member for Moore, the Hon Ian Goodenough MP chose CPM support him in this role.

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